Most kids can't speak four languages by the time they're crawling? WELL. Emerson must just be an extraordinary little girl.

Most kids won't be able throw a curve ball by age 9? WELL. Lincoln is a pretty special guy.

Most kids won't sleep through the night until they're 1? WELL. Ruby is and she's only 3 weeks old, so she's just one in a million. 

but on the other hand...

Most kids won't slowly poison their parents to death with household cleaners baked into "just because I love you mommy" cookies. WELL... Emerson's an ordinary little girl. She'll be fine.

Most kids won't be bullied so badly they develop crippling agoraphobia. WELL... Lincoln... won't either. I'm sure. He's just a regular guy.

Most kids won't develop fatal side effects from the flu shot. Like Ruby. That's a 1 in a million chance, I'm sure she won't get that.


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