pre-baby/post-baby: saturday edition


10:30 am - wake up.
11:00 am - coffee, bagel and cream cheese in bed, watching an action movie or Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. When the movie's over, hook up with husband. Then read a book or newspaper.
2:00 pm - get out of bed.
3:00 pm - go out to late lunch, maybe tacos and margaritas or burgers and beers.
4:00 pm - see a movie that just came out a couple of days ago so you can participate in the conversation.
7:00 pm - meet up with a couple of friends for dinner and drinks, stumble across a Journey tribute band concert down the street, figure out how to get onstage for "Don't Stop Believin."
11:00 pm - return home, feed cats, fall asleep whenever the hell you want to.


6:00 am - wake up, feed chicken, change chicken, play with chicken
7:00 am - make breakfast and coffee, put in a load of cloth diapers to wash
8:00 am - put chicken down for nap, eat breakfast, drink coffee
8:30 am - start a movie
9:00 am - chicken wakes up. feed chicken, change chicken, play with chicken because you can't watch a movie while the baby's awake without triggering massive mom guilt and fears that in 10 years he'll be addicted to Adderall.
10:00 am - switch out laundry, hand off chicken to husband so you can pump
11:00 am - put chicken down for nap, re-start movie
11:15 am - pause movie. turn to husband. "should we hook up?"
11:16 am - re-start movie
12:45 pm - finish movie just in time for chicken to wake up. feed chicken, change chicken, play with chicken.
1:00 pm - someone needs to go to the grocery store because we are out of everything
2:00 pm -standing in checkout line at Safeway with chicken in Ergo carrier, bouncing energetically to keep him from melting down and drawing the wrath of the other 16 people in our line.
3:00 pm - put chicken down for final nap.
4:00 pm - still putting chicken down. hates that final nap.
4:10 pm - chicken finally... wait - nope, sorry, brb.
4:30 pm - do the dishes, switch out laundry. While folding laundry notice dust bunnies in corner of bedroom. Stop folding to sweep up dust bunnies. While you're sweeping you might as well hit every other room in the house. While sweeping the kitchen you notice the counter is sticky. Stop sweeping to wipe counters. The baseboards are a little dusty too.
5:30 pm - oh, right. laundry. Wait... chicken is up. feed chicken, change chicken, play with chicken.
6:00 pm - make dinner
7:00 pm - start to put chicken down for bed
8:00 pm - go into bedroom to put on pj's, discover pile of laundry from 4 hours ago still unfolded on bed. throw laundry on floor, get in bed, go to sleep immediately.


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