pre-baby/post-baby: getting out of the shower edition

1. Get out of shower.
2. Dry body, put on robe, wrap hair in towel.
3. Put lotion on face. Rub in lotion.
4. Go to bedroom, get dressed.

1. Get out of shower.
2. Dry right arm. Notice toothpaste tube on counter is empty.
3. Throw toothpaste tube in bathroom trash, notice trash is full.
4. Remind self to finish post-shower routine. Dry left leg. Put lotion on face.
5. Notice lotion bottle is empty. Throw bottle in trash. Remember trash is full.
6. Take bathroom trash to bigger kitchen trash bin, dripping water all over floor in bathroom, living room, kitchen.
7. Return to bathroom, remind self to finish post-shower routine. Wrap hair in towel.
8. Look at face in mirror. Rub in lotion.
9.  Put on robe.
10. Go to bedroom. Somehow 20 minutes later you're only wearing underwear and a sock, but the bed is half-made, the laundry is sorted, and the pacifiers are sterilizing in the kitchen.


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