yogi wisdom

Sometimes yoga teachers give you instructions that sound hard but if you really think about following them, it becomes easy. For example:

Allow your back to broaden.
Drive through your heels like you want to stand on the ceiling.
Breathe into the spaces between your vertebrae.

It's one of those miracles of humanity. When someone says "breathe into the spaces between your vertebrae," you can. You inhale and feel your back lengthen. Cool.

But then there's that line - the line between miraculous and ridiculous. Some yoga teachers dance on that line. Others need to look behind them. For example:

Soften the edges of your skin. 

(My skin doesn't really have edges... Does yours? If so, where? Do you mean soften my eyelids? Or my nail beds? Or possibly some softening south of the border?)

Engage your inner upper shoulder. 

(Where is that exactly and how does one engage such a thing? How about you flex your lower outside under calves for me. Or perhaps you could activate your topmost elbow skin. No?)

Allow your inner thighs to soften toward each other. 

(When I soften my inner thighs they usually fall away from each other. Try it. To bring your thighs together you have to contract the inner thigh. Why don't you ask me to completely relax my hand while I juice this orange. No can do.)


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