you go, giovanni ribisi

English: Giovanni Ribisi at a ceremony for Jam...
Ribisi Fine Carded Wools. Moustachio Smithy, Proprietor.

I was just sitting here thinking, "What the hell happened to Giovanni Ribisi?"

So I Googled him.

I was expecting him to have retired to Austin to open a wool-carding business. 


Turns out he's been pretty busy. He was in some movie called "Avatar." Have we heard of this? From the small bits of information I was able to glean from various Hollywood gossip blogs I've cobbled together the following: It's Fern Gully, a la James Cameron.

Oh! He was in "Ted"! Right! As that creepy dad with the 80's music fetish. Now I remember.

He was in Gangster Squad, which I never saw because it looked like Sean Penn spent the whole movie yelling. 

So he's batting .333 for movies in the last 3 years that I've seen. 

Better than Colin Farrell, I guess.
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