this is how you know you've married your soul mate: life insurance edition

Ry: If you spit in my mouth and I choked on it and died, would you get the life insurance?
Me: I don't know. Is that murder?
Ry: I think it depends on your intent.
Me: We should call the insurance company and ask.
Ry: They'd probably like write a note in our file.
Me: Hmm. Good point.
Ry: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Me: Pay a homeless guy to call from a pay phone?
Ry: I was thinking the guy who hangs out in the park and plays 60's protest rock.
Me: The guy with the white afro?
Ry: Yep.
Me: I saw him freak out at Starbucks once. He threw like a full cup of coffee across the room.
Ry: I've done that.
Me: No, you haven't.
Ry: In my mind I have.
Me: Well, yeah. You said you wanted room.


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