#yesallwomen: i kid

#yesallwomen know which of their husbands' friends would make a great replacement should something unfortunate happen

#yesallwomen have asked a boyfriend, husband, brother, or other trusted man to watch her bag for a minute only to return and see that handbag unattended and the now completely untrustworthy man nowhere to be found

#yesallwomen have a phone voice that is at least an octave higher than her regular talking-to-friends voice

teach your daughters that Starbucks-Starbucks and airport Starbucks ARE NOT THE SAME THING #yesallwomen

#yesallwomen know what bitchy eyebrows look like

#yesallwomen do bitchy eyebrows when they read the words "bitchy eyebrows"

when people ask me who my role model is I say Hillary Clinton so everyone will know I'm a feminist. But my role model is really George Clooney. He just looks so good in sweaters. #yesallwomen

#yesallwomen describe their personal style as effortless but #yesallwomen make an effort


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