a thought that sustains me

I will never have to do last night. Not ever, ever again.

I will never look at the clock at 3:45 am, nodding off over a 3-day-old baby that's been nursing nonstop since midnight. It will never be just like this again. 

Some nights will be surprisingly restful and some will be hellishly long. I will feel exhausted, headachy, short-tempered and anxious some days. Some days I will cry when trying to get a sheet of Saran Wrap over a plate. But some days I'll get everything checked off my list and teach Chicken a new song and come up with something funny to write on my blog, and I'll think the whole world is beautiful and I'm so lucky to be alive.

Some day we will all sleep through the night again.

All of that lies ahead. You know what doesn't? You know what's DONE?

Last night. It's over. We made it.

Cross it off your calendar, mamas. One down.


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