Never compare your insides with someone else's outsides. 

It's easy to look around and think everyone else has all their shit together.
Don't worry.
Everyone else's shit is flying all over the place, just like yours is.
They just found a bobby pin in their cup holder and managed to make themselves look put together.
Check your cup holder. You can do it too.

How easy can this be? How easy can you make it?

One time in yoga class we were all struggling to hold a difficult pose - I think it was half moon. (Shakes fist at sky) HALF MOON!
The teacher was float-walking around the room, like they do, and he said, "wow, guys, you're all working reeeeeeally hard on this. Let's come out of it for a second and try something new on the other side. Instead of working so, so hard, why don't you try to make this easy. Let's see how easy we can make this pose."
After my initial knee-jerk response of "fuck off with your 'make it easy' fuckery," I gave it a shot.
It was easier.
How many challenges in our lives can be simpler, lighter, easier to bear, if we just decide they are?

You can meet crazy with crazy, or you can meet crazy with calm.

Another yoga-ism. Shit gets crazy sometimes. And you can either meet that crazy with a rich crazy flavor of your own, and make it a crazy swirl of craziness...
you can meet the world's crazy with calm.
"Sure seems like you're fuckin crazy, world. How about a nice cool lemon drink?"

Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

Anytime you feel the need to comment on a friend's opposing political views on Facebook.
Anytime you believe it's your responsibility to tell your Wonder-bread-loving cousin that high fructose corn syrup is reeeally bad for her.
Anytime you see someone over-salting the pasta salad.
At every family reunion.
Repeat after me.
Not my circus. Not my monkeys.


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