eye twitch

Note to self.

The next time Chicken is in his room whining and howling because he has thrown all the binkies out of his crib and you've already gone in there once to tell him it is time to sleep and he needs to lie down and keep his binkies in the crib and he just looked up at you and laughed when you handed his binkies back to him and you know he has just in his mind invented the best new game on earth called "no naps just screaming" aka "mommy get my binkies now oops I threw them again" and everywhere you go in the house you can feel Chicken whining as if his whine were a dentist drill on your rage cortex and the cat who peed on your favorite sweatshirt yesterday is slinking around in your bedroom again with a shifty bastard face and you're holding Buster who doesn't have any bones yet while trying to kick the cat out of the bedroom before he pisses on something else and Chicken had taken his voice to a new higher whine pitch and is now just screaming "out! Out! Out!" 

... Next time this is your life, maybe don't try to figure out a Moby wrap for the first time.

Good tip.


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