We've had two top baby names for the last 4 months (yes, little Talmadge or Blaze, we're just waiting to meet you!) and while we've kept our eyes open for new options, we haven't been LOOKING-looking. But I thought I'd open it up again this morning, just to see what's out there. 

You know, like you do when you're married but you have a profile. You guys do that too, right?

I spent some time on Nameberry, a really fun website with a feature I love whereby you can search a name and then see other names that are "like" that name. So if I really liked Archer, but my last name was Archersby, I could see other names that are "like" Archer. 

Nameberry gives pretty good suggestions - the more traditional the search name, the more likely you are to see other traditional names, and the same is true for edgier, more trendy picks. But the system isn't perfect. 

I searched Blake. I hear "Blake" and I think traditional but uncommon, succinct and strong. Nameberry suggests:

Brody (Fresh, distinctive, short and sweet, good pick)
Beckett (great name, similar feel to Blake, sure)
Knox (modern, clean, just like Blake, great)
Winter (seems a little more misty woo-woo to me)
Summer (definitely a girl's name, and now it feels like you're dialing it in)
Autumn (Hey nameberry. You forgot Springtime, Forest, and Rain)

I searched Talon (obviously.) I hear "Talon" and I think modern, a little wacky, and either hairy-chested and swarthy or scrawny but really into World of Warcraft.

Ranger (YES)
Gunner (BOOM)
Bird (... a little on the nose, but yes, yes, okay)
Lawrance (I hear Lawrance and I think about a guy writing cinquains about a bowl of ripe cherries. Not really the same feel as all these modern cowboy monikers. Also, why are we spelling it like that?)

I didn't actually get any new names that compete with Talmadge and Blaze for top-2 status. But I highly recommend Nameberry for anyone looking to cast a wider net and expand their potential baby name list.


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