on the day before

I asked my Facebook friends what they would do on the last day before their babies were born, if they knew it was the last day.

Here are the answers:

- sleep
- sleep in
- nap
- watch movies in bed
- get a mani/pedi or massage
- hire a babysitter so you can go on a date with your husband
- drink some wine
- do last-minute organizing/preparation
- take Chicken somewhere awesome

So it's 7:56 am on the day before. In 24 hours I'll be walking into the hospital, if all goes according to the schedule (more ominous words were never spoke/typed!)

Here's my plan for today.

1. Right now I'm drinking coffee and eating a doughnut I bought yesterday and forgot about and just found in my diaper bag.

Okay, my plan could use some fleshing out.


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