sometimes i'm the worst

I don't think I'm being hyperbolic here. Sometimes I'm seriously just the worst. 

For example:

I took some great pictures of Ryan and Chicken at the beach this morning. But every time I took a picture of my husband and son, I wasn't thinking, "what a great memory!" I was thinking, "wow, it would be great if someone loved me enough to take candid pictures of me at the beach, instead of waiting for me to open my camera app, hand my phone to him, and say "PLEASE TAKE A PICTURE NOW BECAUSE I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO REMEMBER THIS MOMENT" except by the time the picture is actually taken, the moment is over, and all we have is a picture of me with a picture-day smile as Chicken is trying to squirm out of my arms, rather than the amazing, genuine moment that he COULD have captured if only he loved me enough..." 

Ryan isn't the kind of person who watches his wife playing with their toddler and thinks, "I need to take a picture of that." Instead, he just, I don't know, "lives in the moment" and "experiences life instead of documenting it" or whatever. 

I know. So lame.

So he didn't take any pictures of me at the beach, which really hurt my feelings. Here's exactly how much it hurt my feelings.

Not so much that I felt the need to ask him take pictures while we were still at the beach. But enough that I told him that he hurt my feelings once we were home and there was nothing he could do about it. Which made him feel really bad. Which made me feel really bad.

Told you. Sometimes I'm the worst.


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