fresh one

Just a fun conversation with Chicken in the car:

Chicken: Binky song?

Me: You want me to sing a binky song?

Chicken: Yeah!

Me: (to the tune of "O Christmas Tree")
(this, by the way, is the song we started singing a few months ago when we really had to crack down on only using the binky for naps and bed. It totally worked for us. Maria Von Trapp and Mary Poppins were on to something.)

O Binky, O Binky,
I use you when it's sleep time.
O Binky, O Binky--

Chicken: Fresh one.

Me: I'm sorry?

Chicken: Binky song. Fresh one.

Me: You... would like a fresh binky song?

Chicken: Yeah.

Me: Okay... I guess O Binky is a little played out, huh?

Chicken: Yeah.

(to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)
There was a Chicken who had a binky,
and Binky was its name-oh

Chicken: Fresh one.

Me: Not a good one, huh?

Chicken: Nope.

Me: Okay, um...
(to the tune of "Rockin' Robin")

He sucks on his Binky all the night long
Suckin, and a-dreamin and a-sleepin along
All the other kids who live on his street,
Love to suck their binkies when they're asleep

Binkin' Binky
(Bink! Bink! Bink!)
Binkin' Binky
(Bink!... Binkity Bink!)
Oh, Binkin' Binky well you're really gonna bink tonight.

Chicken: Fresh one.

Me: That's it, kid. That's all I've got.

Chicken: Binky song.

Me: Which one? O Binky?

Chicken: No

Me: B-I-N-K-Y?

Chicken: Um... no.

Me: Binkin' Binky?

Chicken: No. No way.

Me: (shrug)

Chicken: Elmo song?


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