home sweet home


the parlor.

congealed spatter of fruit pouch on the play kitchen.
good thing we spent extra on the organic ones.
just throw those anywhere, chicken.

just throw those anywhere, katie.
you guys think near east would be interested in sponsoring me?
the red sauce is from tonight. the olive oil? who can say.

chicken felt the pantry lacked spontaneity.

you don't keep your bubble bath, sunglasses, and headphones
next to your toaster? weird.
pump parts and a trophy-shaped cookie cutter.
because infant and toddler.

nemo needs to go home. he's stoned.
also there's a dustpan under that curtain.

this is an artsy shot of a juice box straw wrapper
placed atop four pixar dvds.

this is where it allll happens. sorry -- happened.

contents of bedside table:
stack of bills, business cards, greeting cards, and receipts;
plastic cap for baby bottle.

just throw that anywhere, last person who showered.

birth announcements? did we buy birth announcements?

dirty kitchen towels

dirty dishes

dirty placemats

the juice box is crushed and empty.
like so many other people who write this blog.

why are these socks full of sand. why.

contents of couch:
two lumbar pillows, sully doll, katie's shirt, ryan's pants.
not pictured: stack of folded towels, sweaty workout jacket,
pair of socks that are inexplicably full of sand.

shovel in entryway.


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