omg this is almond milk not soy milk

I try not to complain too much but sometimes my life feels hard. My default response to a challenge is to discuss at length the annoying/inconvenient/stressful qualities of that challenge. 

My hair, for example.

This image has not been retouched.

Also, pants. Always a challenge.

Chicken wanted to push the cart at Whole Foods today and I had to put the kibosh on that little adventure once we hit the wine aisle.

There was a minivan in front of me at the Starvuxjs drive-thru. A full one. They appeared to have ordered one of everything. 

My autocorrect thinks Starvuxjs is a popular coffee chain. Who knows. Maybe it is. In Poland.

There was some kind of animal carcass on the highway. It looked like a side of beef. So of course everyone had to take a good long look. I had to call Buster's doctor and tell them I was running late.

And those are just a handful of today's annoyances. My back hurts and I'm sweaty. I didn't get cake at Whole Foods so now I am scrounging chocolate raisins from Chicken's snack stash for a treat and they are not doing it for me.

Let me just step outside my life for a moment and update the definition of "first world problem."

First World Problem:

Any complaint that includes autocorrect, Whole Foods, Starbucks, cake, a closet full of clothes that you "just aren't feeling right now," traffic, waiting in line, a routine doctor's appointment pronouncing your baby son in excellent health, a kitchen full of food to eat, or your hair.

Nobody tried to murder you with farm equipment today and nobody bombed your hometown. 

So hush.


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