Sometimes it's a hard day.

Sometimes you won't know how to handle this one. Sometimes you'll ask yourself "what should I do?" And nobody will answer.

Sometimes you pick right; sometimes you think, "shit, is it too late for me to go back and pick the other one?" Sometimes you won't know if you picked right until much, much too late.

Sometimes your choices aren't so much win/lose as much as they are lose little/lose big.

Sometimes a shower helps.

Sometimes a walk helps.

Sometimes your own head is a dirty, crowded shantytown of a place to live. Sometimes you have to work hard to get out of there.

Sometimes it helps to remember that you can sit down on this one because you're not God.

Sometimes you can't have the good night's sleep you need to remember that the world is an ok place to live. Sometimes you just have to live here anyway.

Sometimes you have to have a shitty talk at the worst possible time. Sometimes you'll chicken out. Sometimes you'll saddle up.

Sometimes the only word for it is "fucked."

Sometimes you need to go home.

Sometimes if you're the first one to be kind, the other person will be kind too. Sometimes you'll get shat on, but sometimes not.

Sometimes you have to tell yourself the truth. Sometimes you have to tell one other person the truth too just so it's out of your shantytown head.

Sometimes you act like a douche, or a rageaholic, or a desperate housewife. Sometimes it feels terrible to remember you're not always the best version of yourself. 

Sometimes it might help to know that I, Katie, writer of this blog, have moments of enraged douchey housewife desperation every day, including this one, and I never feel good about them, and I always feel guilty for snapping or snarking or giving up or giving in. 

Sometimes it also helps to shrug and say "then that's the way it goes. I'll try again next time."

Sometimes it's a hard day.


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