the honeymoon's over

I'm not actually talking about the new-baby honeymoon, or the mom-of-two honeymoon. I'm talking about the I-have-an-adorable-toddler honeymoon.

Toddlers are soooo adorable... from walking until 23 months and 30 days. For those honeyed months, oh my goodness, there is nothing on earth cuter than a toddler. The sweet smiles, the adorable peekaboos, the unbridled joy of experiencing watermelon for the first time. And the mispronunciations... oh God, I love their soft mushy little mouths.

Yeah. Everyone loves a toddler. Everyone loved my toddler.

Until now.

I think I'm just going to have to accept that a lot of people aren't going to like my kid for the next couple of years. Nobody is going to coo, "what an angel!" at the grocery store while he's biting limes. Nobody is going to say, "oh my gosh, I LOVE Chicken. He's the best," after he's regurgitated olives in the middle of a birthday dinner. I mean, I will. Ryan will. But nobody else.

The honeymoon is over.


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