throw that one back: scotus and hobby lobby

I have nothing original to add to this conversation.

I'm just going to say this... we all have to remember that Supreme Court justices are bound to make decisions that are consistent with legal standards that are more complex than just "what we feel should be the case." Of course, I think this decision is a huge bummer. I'm pissed. I want a re-do. But I have to acknowledge the limitations of the judicial branch of the government. They don't get to say "this is how it should be." They have to say, "this is what our country's laws dictate."

So if you're pissed like me, take the time to vote for local representatives who care about women's reproductive rights. Or support advocacy of women's reproductive rights.

And stop shopping at Hobby Lobby if you don't agree with their culture. That's your right.

This is what I believe:

available birth control -> fewer unplanned pregnancies -> fewer unwanted/abandoned/neglected children -> fewer women with limited choices for education and jobs because they have to raise children they didn't want -> fewer families with strapped resources -> fewer poor people "dragging down" our economy and "suckling at the teat" of the 1% -> everybody wins.

or, to put a more positive spin on it...

available birth control -> more women in higher education/on career paths -> more children born into stable, prepared homes -> more engaged parents and fulfilled mothers -> everybody wins.

Hypocrisy - Annoying.

Preach - This is a gut-reaction, knee-jerk, lady-rage post and I love it.

I shop at Michael's


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