trade-in value

Oh you won’t be needing…
But you will use the hell out of…
Cashmere anything
Yoga pants
High heels
Slip-on sneakers with brightly patterned or crisp white socks that you don’t mind wearing to all the activities where kids go barefoot but moms have to wear socks.
Your snowboard/surfboard
All of your recyclable yogurt containers, water bottles, and plastic berry clamshells. Those are a big hit at the sandbox.
Martini glasses
Sippy cups and Starbucks tumblers
Lacy undergarments
Yoga pants
A go-to happy hour spot
A go-to hot chocolate place
A go-to karaoke song
A go-to Frozen song
Yoga pants
A condom in your wallet
Band-aids in your wallet
Decorative bowls full of glass balls
Decorative bowls full of binkies
An Uber account
A Shutterfly account
A really good pair of fuck me shoes
A really good don’t fuck with me voice
Your flirty eyes
Your Elmo voice
Clothes that require dry cleaning
Yoga pants
Those crème brulee dishes
Those Thomas the Tank Engine dishes


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