wednesday chicken soup

Does anybody remember that story about the couple getting on an airplane with their new baby, and how they made and gave out goody bags with ear plugs and candy to all their neighbors?

Does anybody remember being super pissed off that everyone thought those parents were awesome?

Those parents did what they needed to do to feel comfortable flying with their baby for the first time. No hate there.

But the people who think, "that baby has a lot of gall to ACT LIKE A BABY at me. He's ruining my otherwise super-pleasurable commercial airline experience"? Yeah, I hate all of them. So does this guy:  BOO YAH. 


YES, mothers of publicly fit-throwing toddlers can in fact both see and hear your judge-y eyebrows,  disapproving pinched lips, hefty sighs, and muttered snide remarks. You're lucky that mothers have a responsibility to model patience and respect to strangers, and that mothers believe in a just God who will ensure that one day you too will be dragging a child down the aisle at Target against his will as he thrashes and howls. In the meantime, you better hope this guy isn't around if you act like a d-bag to one of those mothers.  KA-CHOW!

And another post by the same guy will make you cry the good cry. Aw.

Jason Good: Family Man - a blog that's 99 times more hilarious than my most hilarious thing ever.


Quinoa knows all. 


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