what the what is going on in there

(overheard from Chicken's room during nap time)
(the child had been yawning and finding places to lie down for at least half an hour before I did his full nap routine and put him down in bed, where he snuggled up with his pillow and did not move, btw)

Choo choo! Choo choo! 
(rustle, rustle, rustle)
(sound of binky hitting the floor)
(begins to wail)
Mommy daddy mommy daddy mommy daddy penis mommy daddy mommy daddy drive?
Cook egg?
(incomprehensible moaning and whining)
Binky! Binky! Binky! BINKYYYYYYYY! (sobs)
(stops sobbing)
No water!
No water!
(incomprehensible whining and sobbing)
Cook egg cook egg cook egg GOON!
(this is the funniest joke to a toddler)
(dissolves from laughter into sobs again)
Rain? Raaaaaaaain!
(the first one is a question, the second a lament)
(the only way he can express his despair at this point is through vowel sounds)
Oh! Eh! Ee! Uh! Ow! Ooh! Eye!
Boo boo?
Boo boo!
Binky time, binky time, binky time
(moaning vowel sounds again)

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  1. You should turn this into a brilliant piece of theatre. You know, with all that extra time you have.