bottom of the ninth

Me: how are you enjoying your staycation?

Ry: I feel like a AA pitcher brought in to finish the last game of the World Series. I'm standing up there on the mound throwing as hard as I can, and they're just teeing off. I mean they're hitting home runs off every pitch. 

Me: This sounds like a stress dream. You're saying that your staycation is an actual nightmare.

Ry: Basically. I'm up there trying not to cry because I'm waaaaay out of my league, just having my ass handed to me, and I'm hanging out there in the wind all alone.

Me: You're not alone, babe. I'm here.

Ry: Yeah. You're the pitcher who I'm relieving. You're sitting on the bench with ice on your arm. And every time I look to you you're like, (shrug) "just keep going!"

Me: Yeah... That's pretty much accurate, actually.

Ry: I know. 

Me: You should go back to work.


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