parenting tips by mr. dumas

I was reading some parenting forum tips for dealing with tantrums and came across this little gem:

"Toddlers can be frustrating! If you feel yourself starting to lose your temper, it's best to just put them in a safe room, close the door, and leave so you can compose yourself. You'll both benefit from the quiet moment to reflect and calm down."

That sounds familiar.

Where have I heard that strategy before?


Fun historical fact! Alexandre Dumas, in addition to being a novelist, was also a pioneer in early childhood development and was considered to be the Dr. Spock of his day. He suggested a similar tactic: troublesome, troublemaking child? Put him in a safe room, close the door, and leave. You'll both benefit!

Heeeeeere Chicken Chicken Chicken...

(Totally obvious but necessary clarification: I do not advocate for the masking and jailing of two-year-olds. I do advocate for the viewing of Gabriel Byrne and Jeremy Irons movies.)


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