who left this crudité platter unattended

This is a water glass. 

Becky's water glass, to be precise. 

But is there merely water in it? Oh no, dear friends. OH NO.

That right there is a melange of regurgitated raw carrot, Chicken saliva, and cucumber.

Oh, and for the grown-ups who need a bit of a kick in the pants, Chicken has a little something for you as well!

It's a zippy New Zealand Shiraz.

And a Safeway cucumber.

And Newman's Own Ranch dressing.

Sure, it's an unconventional pairing, red wine and ranch dressing. But just give it a shot. It tastes a little bit like an Arkansas steak joint's version of a $12 anniversary dinner - your salad and your wine in one mind-blowing gulp!

Well, that's what we get for going to dinner at a friend's house... 


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