... but not quite

I hate having a cluttered, messy house.

I hate it a lot.

I hate dishes in the sink, gummy crusty rings on the counter tops. I hate couch cushions on the floor and the unmade sweep and tangle of bed sheets. 

If only I could come home to a Nancy Meyers movie, all gleaming wood and effortless symmetry and white ceramic bowls. If only I could come home to a Pottery Barn catalogue. 

But no. Instead I come home, and I hate my cluttered, messy, dusty, crusty house.

I hate it almost enough to do something about it...

But instead, I follow a simple 3-step process. It's really made a big difference! I feel like a new woman! And I'm going to share the secret to my newfound satisfaction with you! Right now!

Katie's 3 Steps to Enjoying a Cluttered Home:

1. Pack a diaper bag.
2. Put babies in stroller/car seat/Ergo.
3. Leave.


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