first week of school: lessons for mommy

Always remove Chicken's shoes and socks before coming inside the house. There's a sandbox at school. And now there's a sandbox in Chicken's room too.

The teachers may tell me that "he was a little teary today." They say it like it's a bad thing. From where I'm sitting, "a little teary" is a massive improvement over regular emotional hurricane Chicken.

Pack a good snack. Snacks = love.

There is no point in even trying to tell Holden and Luke apart. They're not related but they are both quiet and blond. I've got nothin.

It's ok to lean into labeling the families by superficial details until I get to know them better. Oh, there's good-looking vegan Asian family. Good morning, little blond boy who gets dropped off by his grandma! Hello there, laid-back lesbian mom who always wears cool boyfriend jeans! Fyi, I think Chicken and I are, "mom in gym clothes and that little boy who keeps saying 'mine.'"


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