it's either hershey's extra dark or--

Pop quiz hot shot.

Your kid shits his pants while whacking a piñata. 

You change the shitty, leaky diaper (he's been on a watermelon kick lately) on the lawn while he eats a kit kat bar that's melting all over his fingers because it's 80 degrees out.

You stand up and notice a brown, wet smear on your wrist.


A) wipe it off.

B) sniff it. 

C) give it a quick taste, DEA-in-the-movies style, by dipping your pinkie in it and dabbing if on the tip of your tongue.

I opted for...

Actually, you know what? I'd rather not say.

Blogger's Note: my autocorrect kept changing poop to pool. Remind me not to invite autocorrect to my pool party next summer...


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