tgi monday

A few random thoughts on this glorious Monday:

I like to think that my house puts the -ish in "cleanish."

In related news, you know what? I feel sorry for people who DON'T have regurgitated cheddar cheese on their kitchen floors. I do! Man, it feels good to finally say it out loud.

I wonder if Chicken ever gets tired of answering the same questions. Like, in his mind, he's saying, "ask me what a fire truck says one more time, woman..."

There are two mental places you can start from when facing your tantrumming tot:

A) hey, tot, you are fundamentally good and wonderful and lovable, but it looks like there's something wrong right now that's making you sad or angry. Let's work together to fix it.

B) just get in the motherfucking car seat. Now. Now. NOW.

I baked kale and called it a chip, and I totally fooled Chicken into eating it! Once. The last time I lied to him to get him to eat a vegetable, I called creamed spinach "green cheese." He smelled it and said, "no, mommy." Like you would if your dad came downstairs, ready to go to the mall in black socks and sandals. "Just... No. No mommy. You're embarrassing yourself."

After I was done nursing Buster this evening, he reached our to grab my hand. I looked down at our interlocking fingers and thought, "omg photo op! So sweet!"

But it just kind of looks like intestines, right? It's like, holy shit Uncle Milton, what am I looking at here?

Alright! Monday down! Tuesday starts in 10... 9... 


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