chick's picks: books about food

Chicken loves food. He loves to read about it, cook it, smear it in his hair, and of course, eat it.

For all the similarly gustatorily-oriented Chickens out there whose parents might have passed through this blog, we wanted to share a few of our favorite books about food. Some of them are classics, and some of them just oughta be.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Eric Carle

I mean, obviously. Does anyone need me to list the reasons this book is a classic?

Judi Barrett

Again, if you need me to explain why this book is amazing you're probably a Russian spy. Not that I have a problem with that.

I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
Lauren Child

Ingenious Charlie convinces picky Lola to try new foods by letting her in on a little secret... the food isn't food at all!

In the Night Kitchen
Maurice Sendak

Surreal, lovely, gorgeous. Sendak.

Happy Belly, Happy Smile
Rachel Isadora

Reasons I love this book:
1. The art is gorgeous - strips of textured paper laid out to create amazing images.
2. It's set in Chinatown. (Other cultures! Yes!)
3. The primary caregiver in the book is a grandparent, not a parent. (Other generations! Yes!)

Reasons I hate this book:
1. After reading it nothing but dumplings will satisfy me. You were warned.

Snack Time for Confetti
Kali Stileman

Confetti is a hungry little bird who asks all his (or her, I don't think it's made clear) jungle friends what they're eating. Chicken likes it because he gets to say "try some!" "yum!" and "yuck!"

You Are What You Eat
Serge Bloch

I adore this book because it covers a lot of colloquial sayings that involve food - your goose would be cooked, drive me bananas, eat like a bird... this is how people really talk, and I love that.

Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog
Mo Willems

It's a Pigeon book, so it's light on everything except charm. The plot? Pigeon finds a hot dog. Why is this book irresistible? I don't know. But yes, you should expect to want a hot dog after you read it.

Mitchell Sharmat

Gregory is a goat, and a terrible eater. Instead of eating delicious tires, cans, old shoes, and other junk, he wants nothing but fruits and veggies, fish and cheese. Bonus: I first discovered this book on a little program called Reading Rainbow. You might have heard of it. Unless you're a Russian spy. Which is cool.

Pete's A Pizza
William Steig

Pete's in a pissy mood because it's raining. So OBVIOUSLY his dad decides to cheer him up by making him into a pizza. Like you do.

To Market, To Market
Anne Miranda

The art is flashy and fun. The animals wreak pleasant havoc. The woman who wants nothing more than to slaughter some animals to make dinner ends up making delicious vegetable soup for lunch. Oh, fuck. Spoiler alert.

Have a great Thursday, guys. Read something delicious.

What did I miss? Any of your kiddos love to read about food? I'd love to read your comment if you have a great one to add to the collection!

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  1. "How My Parents Learned To Eat" is another Reading Rainbow book. Our kid likes eating mashed potatoes and peas like the British do (method learned from the book).