i wanta i wanta i wanta

From 5:15 pm to 5:25 pm last night, this is the list of things that Chicken said he wanted.

a popsicle
mac and cheese
my daddy
sumpin down here (referring to behind the refrigerator)
a feather
pomegranate seeds
no fire trucks
no salt
no butter
mac and cheese
no dora
my mommy
my buster
no buster
mommy put buster down
my milk
a popsicle
my daddy
my daddy stand over there (while Chicken opens the freezer to steal a poposicle)
open dis (freezer)
my popsicle
my yellow popsicle
my fish
my water lovey (that's what he calls any vessel containing water, his lovey)
mac and cheese
picture of trains
movie of trains
movie of Elmo on trains
and Thomas
movie of Elmo and Thomas on trains

Then I turned on a movie of Elmo and Thomas on trains.

Yes, it's real.

And then the Lord said let there be slack jaws and silence until the mac and cheese is ready.


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