moonlight serenade

3:06 am.

It's a confusing time to be awake. 

Am I going on a ski trip?
Am I getting on a 6 am flight?
Am I shitfaced, eating blue box mac?


Then I don't think I should be awake right now.

And yet.

Buster respectfully disagrees.

Here's the really confusing part- I'm awake at 3:06 am. And I'm really pretty cranky about that. Irritable, foggy, snappish and... Is that despair? Yeah, definitely a little soupçon of despair right on top there, you know, for complexity.

But I'm also smiling.

Because the thing that woke my despairing ass up? 

He's singing. 

My baby was moved to song at zero-dark-thirty and I am absolutely in love with that crowing baby dinosaur crooner.

But you can stop any time now, kid. It's three in the morning. 


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