why, yes

why yes, i am doing yoga and eating cake at the same time.

why yes, that is milk vomit on my leggings. thank you for noticing!
what's that? why is there milk vomit on my ass? well, funny story.
i sat in milk vomit.

why yes, i am wearing a bra that is two sizes too big. it was either that or two sizes too small.

why yes, i am out at a bar with my husband humming the backpack song from dora.

why yes, i do refer to mushrooms as "nushrooms," chocolate as "chockit," and smoothies as "frohmees."

why yes, we do have a set of toddler shackles fashioned from oversized wooden beads. why - do you need to borrow?

he's going as jean valjean for halloween this year


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