ask me a question about babies

As I look back at my posts, I realize that, well, they're Chicken-heavy. This blog is a lot more about toddlers than it is about babies.

There are a few good reasons that I write a lot more about Chicken than Buster.

1. Chicken is 2. He talks, dances, parrots things that we say, comes up with his own little catch phrases ("No poops. Just farts.") and he generally explodes color and verve like a tie-dye water balloon. Buster only explodes two colors: milk-vomit beige, and shit color. He simply does not have the cognitive and expressive complexity of his big brother yet. So there's less to write about. I'm, frankly, less inspired to write about Buster rocking out in the Jumperoo than I am about Chicken begging me for a "popsicle dick."

2. I have my own little catch phrase. It goes a little something like this: Want to know how to make have a kid SUPER easy? Have two kids. If you have a healthy second baby, he's not going to be as tough as the first one. Chicken is STILL the tough one. He's still breaking new ground every day. Buster is different from Chicken, but I've been a mother to a 5-month-old before.

3. I'm in love with both my boys, but with Chicken the bloom occasionally falls off the rose. With Buster, I'm still a totally smitten kitten. And while that feels stupendous in my heart, it doesn't translate well to the blogosphere. I made myself a solemn oath when I started sharing this blog - Nothing saccharine. Nothing selfish. Just honest content that could be relevant (helpful, humorous, informative, engaging) to other people. And 600 words on how much I love my sweet baby... that belongs in a diary or a letter to my grandparents, not on a blog.

But I recognize that some of my readers are parents for the first time, and they might be parents to little spuds not much bigger than Buster.

If you have a baby thing, a question or an issue you want me to explore in a blog post, I'd love to hear it. Leave me a comment and I'll try to whip something up for you!


  1. Breastfeeding is a good topic...I am finding that particularly challenging right now!

    1. You got it traveleat! "5 moments in the life of a human milkshake" is all for you.