dance like nobody's watching

Drive like you have to poop

Swim like someone just pooped

Shower like you're in prison

Drink like you're stuck in a conversation 
between all people who know each other from like a long time ago 
all talking about people you don't know 
so you have nothing to do with your mouth or hands 
except smile vacantly 
and fucking skull that manhattan 
and then order another one, stat

Run like it's a really bad hallucination

Type like the hero of a 90's hacker thriller

Love like you're stoned 
and you just found out your friend also loved JTT in middle school

Laugh like your kid just whacked your husband 
in the nuts with a wiffle ball bat

Eat like a toddler
on a good day 
when that toddler is hungry
and you've managed to cook the exact thing that toddler wants
so he consumes the meal with his entire body
dancing in the chair
rubbing it in his hair
making all kinds of delicious yum yum sounds
and demanding more
through cheeks stuffed round with macaroni
(because it's always macaroni)


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