first world problems tuesday

I was out of butter so I had to make my banana pancakes with greek yogurt.

Sometimes when I unlock my Subaru Outback with my little button thingy, I have to hit the unlock button like four times before it unlocks. Seriously, Subaru? How many years of my life am I going to waste trying to unlock you with the little button thingy? I can't even add it up it will be so depressing.

My iPad/HBO Go was like, "you want to pick a movie to watch in the middle of the day while you eat banana pancakes? Well I'm going to make you watch a spinning wheel for like TWO MINUTES before I give you exactly what you want."

It's too sunny.

I said just a splash of soy. JUST. A SPLASH. OF SOY. This tastes like a dollop to me.

Do you have any first world problems to contribute to this list of TOTALLY LEGITIMATE complaints about how unbearable our lives have become under Chairman Obama?

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  1. I'm adding: "ugh! Christmas tree skirts are SO expensive, and the one I like isn't even on Amazon Prime."