Fill in the blank

These are all things I've said to Chicken over the last week. Your task? Fill in the blank with the actual thing I said.  


1. No, baby, _____ doesn't go up Buster's butt. Put it in your mouth please.

A) string cheese
B) your toothbrush 
C) your binky

2. _____ is NOT for smearing food on.

A) Mommy's hair
B) the MacBook 
C) the refrigerator door

3. Bravo, Chicken. Excellent choice of _____. NO! DO NOT THROW IT.

A) knife
B) rock
C) pudding

4. The first step is to _____ is to make sure you have enough room. You want to make sure you can really stretch out.

A) swinging a bat
B) somersaulting
C) pooping

5. I guess you can taste my _____... if you really want to.

A) coffe
B) wine
C) skin


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