partial fear list

A Partial List of Things That Scare Me

Rotten milk
Accidentally tossing a living thing into the dryer
Ghosts who mean us harm
One day I will wake up and all of the clothes in my closet will be from Chico’s
One day I will wake up and nobody I know will know that I wanted to be an actress
Falling and hitting my teeth on a curb
The water heater exploding
Rest stop bathrooms
Rats in the attic
Mice in the pantry
Moths in my hair
Losing my teeth
Taxi drivers
Growing old and hunchbacked
What is in the silver vats of hot soup at ready-made self-serve stations
Is that aioli on my sandwich, or…?
Trying to step out of a slippery bath tub and losing my balance and falling astride the tub and hurting my lady bits something fierce
My son driving drunk
Athlete’s Foot
Leukemia, which is different from cancer because in my fear I'm not the one who has it
People thinking I'm stupid
My kid walking up to a bear having been tragically misinformed by the works of Walt Disney


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