meet the cubbersons

Chicken has this Melissa & Doug dress-up bear family puzzle. 

I love it. So much. So, so much. There is literally no combination of bear faces and outfits that doesn't make me think it's a screen shot from the hottest new family drama on the CW:

Meet the Cubbersons

There's the one where they went to Niagara and we all found out about Tabitha's little huffing problem...

Papa? Papa, I think something's wrong with Mama...

Your mother DOESN'T HAVE A PROBLEM, and that's the last thing I'm going to say about it. 
Now stop crying, JJ Cubberson, so help me God, or I'll give you something to cry about. 

That's nice.
The water.
Is it... do I smell churros? 
Are there churros here? 
Are those my hands? 
Does anybody want to hug me? 
Okay... no, I understand...
I've got to go to the bathroom at the gas station 
by myself
at the gas station
for just
just a minute

And then there was the one when little JJ walked in on Tabitha just getting out of the shower and he had all the tingles about it...



JJ... would you... give us a moment? Your mother and I need to have... a talk...
(unsnaps one overall-shirt bib clip)

And who could forget the episode when Roger forgot about Tabitha's airline pilot school graduation ceremony? 
Because JJ changed the date in Roger's appointment book? 
Because JJ's had an Oedipal fixation on Tabitha ever since that shower thing, and he wants Roger out of the picture? 
And also Roger had eaten some dodgy refried beans the night before and while he was eating them he thought huh these are tangy, but he kept eating them because he thought it might be cilantro but it was not cilantro?

Oh, Roger... you knew how much this meant to me...

Tabitha, I don't know what to say, I could have sworn I wrote it down right here... 
JJ, wipe that shit-eating grin off your face.

That's it. You've broken my heart for the last time.

Oh Tabitha. I... I'm so sorry. But you should probably go. 
I just sharted in my snappy red jam-jams.

You disgust me, Roger. 
Come on, JJ. 
What's that, baby?
Oh, of course you can sleep in my bed tonight, sweetheart.


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