a month late but still

My mother's day gift arrived in the mail today.

I got two silver rings, one for each of my boys. Each slender band bears the name of one of my boys, and the words, "the only thing we both did perfectly."

Many thanks to Chrystal at Bouton Rouge Designs, who created these custom rings for us. Her jewelry is delicate, simple, reasonably priced, deeply personal, and exactly what we were looking for.

This is just a straight-up shout-out. I don't benefit in any way from this post, and I don't have any kind of professional arrangement with Chrystal.

I am just butt crazy in love with my rings.

Next, a manicure.
Look at that janky thumbnail.
I swear
the last time I had to
claw my way
out of a shallow grave
was like
a month ago
at least.


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