pro travel tips

We flew without Ryan today. I discovered a few important things.

I learned how much more receptive I am to offers of help when they aren't delivered with a generous dollop of pity. 

"Do you need a hand?"
Why yes I do. Thank you so much.

"You look like you need a hand."
Thanks for pointing that out! I would actually rather eat caramel pudding straight off this upholstered airplane seat than accept help from you.

It's a small difference but it matters to me.

I learned more things.


is pretty much standard. Which is why he is wearing a harness with leash.


Is what it looks like when your toddler poops behind a garbage can at the airport.

And this

is the face of victory.

I know. Sorry. I wish it were better, too.

One mom.
Two kids.
All of the snacks.
None of the meltdowns.



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