his logic is sound

We have to clean up the water you spilled, babe.

But I don't want to!

I know you don't, but we have to clean up this big puddle.


Because what if somebody we like walked in the water and slipped and hurt themselves?
That would be so sad.

Yeah. That would be so sad. 
But... What if somebody we didn't like slipped and hurt himself? 
Then it would be so funny, huh? 
So we should probly not clean up. 
We should probly spill some more. 
I'm just gonna spill a little bit more 
and then not clean it up.

right this way
ms deschanel
and please
won't you sing for me
accompanied by a ukelele
by the way
i love your handbag
is that
a vintage typewriter case
i thought so


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