Chicken: Mommy? What's married?

Me: It's when two people love each other and decide to be partners for the rest of their lives, like me and Daddy.

Chicken: Oh.

(He thinks for a second)

Chicken: Can I marry Buster?

Tears spring into my eyes as instantly as magnetic eyebrows on a Wooly Willy.

oh hey
road trips from your childhood called
they want that wooly willy back
and also the walkman with the bodyguard soundtrack in it
and also the betty & veronica double digest
and the friendship bracelet embroidery floss collection in the divided plastic case
and also
that trapper keeper
with all the drawings
of horses
and JTTs with hearts around them

Me: You want to marry Buster?

Chicken: Yeah!

Me: Because you want him to be your partner for the rest of your life?

Chicken: Yeah!

He looks over at his brother and smiles.

Six things just got added to my to-do list today:

1. Cry
2. Call my mom.
3. Call Ryan.
4. EMail Chicken and Buster's email addresses.
5. Blog.
6. Cry again.

Me: Well, you can't marry him, because he's your brother. But because he's your brother, he's already your partner for the rest of your life. 

Chicken: Brothers can be partners?

Me: Sure!

Chicken: Who else?

Me: Sisters are partners, and best friends, and mommies and daddies with their babies...

Chicken: So we are partners? You and me and Buster?

Me: Of course we are!

Chicken: Daddy too?

Me: Of course Daddy too!

Chicken: So we're all married?

Me: Well, Daddy and I are married, but we are all partners because we are a family.

Chicken: And because we are all in love with each other?

7. Cry again
Me: Yes, baby. Exactly.


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