cooking with chicken: deer juice

Cooking with Chicken:
Deer Juice

ah deer juice
a holiday

do you know how to make deer juice
i'll tell you

first you kill a deer
with a knife

first you cut off the head
and then
everything happens

then you take the dead deer
and you put it into a machine
and then the knife starts blading
and it squeezes

then you put some glass in to hold the juice
and then you put the cap in the machine
and then there's a sticker that sticks on the bottle
to tell you what the juice is
(it's deer)
and it sticks on
and then you take a bottle cap and put it into the machine
and then the machine kind of cuts it
and then a grabber grabs the cap
and puts it onto the bottle
but then
just then
juice squirts in the bottle
and this is the deer juice.

yum. really good.
almost like deer.
because it's deer juice.

deer has juice in it
but deer has fiber too
and deer juice doesn't have fiber
but juice has a lot of water
and one small scoop of sugar.

i think that's the end of the recipe.
write "the end."

the end.


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