panic post

Aaaaaaah it's 10:30 and I'm going to bed and I used my blogging time today to re-childproof my home...

(This went super well btw)
(Taking my dresser out of my room)
(Because Chicken stood on it
To open the window
And push out the screen
And look down
4,000 feet
I don't know
I'm bad at estimating
It's a child-killing height
(No but taking this dresser out
Went so smoothly)
(Once I popped that wall off)

so now this picture of my feet:

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. 
That's just what they look like.

And this unapologetic bathroom selfie, because my hair showed up tonight like Amanda Bynes at my neighborhood shoe-shiners. Everyone was like WHAAAAA and I was like quick, get a picture.

And this Daily Double:

What is, "the thing that vacationing Americans are most likely to cite as a way that 'they just do things differently in Asia, like nobody leans against a wall everyone just does this,'" Alex?

Oh I'm sorry, the answer was "squat." I was looking for "squatting."


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