explaining pollination on 4 hours of sleep

Chicken: We do bees go from flower to flower?

Me: To pollinate.

Chicken: What's pollinate.

Me: (sigh) (coffee) WELL. It's like if you were in the sandbox, okay?

Chicken: Okay.

Me: And you were playing, playing, playing, in the sandbox, but then you saw another sandbox and you decided you wanted to check out that sandbox. So you left the first sandbox and ran to the second sandbox, but when you did that you had sand from the first sandbox in your shoes and hair and clothes and stuff.

So when you got to the second sandbox, that first-sandbox-sand fell into the second sandbox, and then as that first sandbox sand was falling into the second sandbox, while you were playing in the second sandbox I mean, you also got some sand from the second sandbox in your shoes and clothes and hair and stuff, along with maybe a little but of the first-sand-box-sand that's still on you.

So then when you went to the third sandbox you were dropping off sand from the first sandbox and the second sandbox in the third sandbox, but not all of it, and also collecting sand from the third sandbox to bring to the fourth sandbox.

All this sand exchange is what keeps the sandboxes healthy and happy.

So basically flowers are sandboxes and you're a bee. Got it?

Chicken: Um.

Me: Eat your oatmeal.

that doesn't make a lot of sense mommy
bees don't like sand


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