ultrasound picture frames that should exist

So one of my favorite people is pregnant and I wanted to send her a little gift - something special, twisted, hilarious, and fucking radiant, just like my friend.

Oh I know! I'll go on Etsy and find her a little picture frame for her ultrasound pic! I'm sure they have some frames with funny expressions and shit. This is ETSY we're talking about.

Unfortunately, I didn't find anything on Etsy, and I refuse to be the first person in my friend's life to introduce her to the fact that now that she's knocked up, companies only make things for her that are either a) ADORABLE, or b) DISGUSTINGLY ADORABLE.


No all-black-wearin, high-kickin, no-bullshittin dame of mine is gonna have a "God's Special Cutie" picture frame sitting on her kitchen counter like a funfetti barf with a bow glued on it. Not next to her stainless steel appliances.

I have a pitch.

Here are some ultrasound picture frames that SHOULD EXIST.