why the blog is called katykatikate

I've thought about renaming the blog about a thousand times, every time someone asked me the name of the blog and I said,

"Katie Katie Katie. But with a y, an i, and an e."

LISTEN. I KNOW. I KNOW it's impossible to explain.

But whenever I started brainstorming different blog names I kept coming up against this problem: I didn't want the word "Mom" in the blog title.

I wanted this blog to be about parenting, sure, because in the pie chart of my life, that's the slice that I would want to eat - the one where the cartoon character cuts a paper-thin sliver, and then serves the rest of the pastry to himself? So that's parenting, in my life, the quivering heap of cake, comically large on a tiny plate painted with pink roses.

But I do other things - I'm a woman, first of all, and that's something that has required my thoughts from time to time. I write about feminism and the times I've experienced the world, for better or worse, as a woman. Sometimes I like to write about the news. Sometimes I like to write about clothes, marriage, friendship. And whenever I write about something other than my kids, I'm always so glad I haven't changed the blog name yet. I don't want it to be like, "Oh, what does SomeBombMom.com have to say about the newest cabinet appointee," or "Oh, it looks like MamaButt.net has some thoughts about the refugee crisis in Syria."

Bottom line - this blog has been kid-heavy, and it will likely continue to be kid-heavy.

But the game has changed, friends.

Politics is going to be here.

Racism is going to be here.

Misogyny is going to be here.

It will still be (hopefully) funny. You'll still hear about all the hilarious shit my kids say and do. I'll still offer my insights into watching them grow up, figuring out how to Lincoln this team of rivals into a fucking more perfect union.

(See? Politics! IT'S EVERYWHERE.)

But I wanted to say hi, it's been awhile, I'm here, I'm trying to be funny, but I'm also... in grief, I guess. Outraged, heartbroken, somehow still hopeful? You know, all the feelings I normally associate with the end of a season of the Bachelor, but DUDE the season has barely even started so this is like whaaaaaa?

See? I'm trying to make jokes to lighten the mood.

I don't even watch The Bachelor. I LIED.

And now I'm looking at my reflection in a shattered mirror asking myself, "Was it worth it, Katie? For the cheap laugh? You sad clown. You sad little clown girl."

LISTEN I KNOW shit is weird right now and it's only going to get weirder and I gave myself 30 minutes to write this blog post and that time is up right now.

So... I'm just going to leave you with the "about" section of the blog:

This is a blog about
who are still
real people too
giving a shit
swearing too much
having your back
trusting your gut
holding on tight
& making an unholy, gorgeous mess of it all




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