welcome to katykatikate, 35,000 people and growing

UPDATED: Welcome to KatyKatiKate, 877,000 people and growing. Holy balls.

I'm overwhelmed by the response to my last blog post about Harvey fucking Weinstein - if you're new here, WELCOME, pull up a scotch and stay awhile!

I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of highlights to hit:

  • Do you need this? You can get it here. There is also "I don't believe you" and "feminist werewolf," merch. LET THOSE CHADS KNOW WHO EXACTLY THEY ARE TRYING TO MANSPLAIN.

  • Sign up to get an email from me whenever I post something new. Either click there, or enter your email where it says "Hook up, you know you want to," which is funny because I'm a woman saying it, but NO CHAD, NO, IT'S NOT FUNNY FOR YOU. STOP IT CHAD. NOT EVERYTHING BELONGS TO YOU.
  • If you like my FB page you'll see more funny, weird, righteously hangry, occasionally over-caffeinated posts (you'll be able to tell because of the ALL CAPS... which is actually in all my posts... so... either my bp is 4,000/90, or all caps is merely a hallmark of my distinctive signature style.
  • PLEASE BUY AND SHARE Feminist Werewolf! This is an ebook collection of my top 13 pieces on feminism and my female experience. It's available NOW from Amazon as an ebook, and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds from book sales are being donated to RAINN and Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault. I am not making a penny. Harvey fucking Weinstein blew up, and suddenly this little blog has a lot of eyes on it. When a microphone lands in your lap, you can pass it on and keep quiet, or you can stand up and start talking. This is how we stand up and share some good with people who have had too much bad.
we are
and because
we stay
with our pack
  • Shoot me an email if you have a question, problem, or request - I like you and I REALLY don't want to fold all this laundry right now. Please demand something of me. Urgently
  • Enjoy this short post from last year, Dinosaur Defense.  It's related to the Next-Level Rage Stroke - it's about catcalling and dinosaurs. Listen. It makes sense in the post, ok?

I'll be back soon with more new feminist rants, crazy shit my 3 and 5-year-old boys said, and deep dives into the bottom of regular lady days (slash THE BOTTLE.)



10/17 - This post has been updated to include new links and a new view count. 


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