stand by! katykatikate is getting a facelift

Wait, what's happening?

The blog is getting a facelift, which means that I won't be adding new posts HERE until the new site is built. Probably a few weeks.

the new blog header
Wait, but why?

Why the facelift?

I mean. I don't think I need to answer that question for you.

The original site wasn't built for ease of navigation. When I built that site, my average readership was about 70 people per post (Hi, mom!). Today, it's more like 20,000 because like that crying kid in Homeward Bound and Shadow the flinty old man dog, WE FOUND EACH OTHER AGAINST ALL ODDS! And because I love you, you can pick if you want to be the crying kid or the flinty old man dog.

The mobile experience is... clunky, if I'm being kind.

And honestly, it's just time for a refresh. 

Or, sorry, were you asking why no new posts?

Because I have to transfer all the old posts to the new site so it can be built out, and after I do that transfer it doesn't make sense for me to keep creating new content HERE. 

But... but... but... are you just going to disappear?

Oh hell no! 

You know I never shut up, boo boo! I love producing sweet, salty, gamey content for you. This blog page will continue to exist until the new page is built and we re-route it. So you can go deep into the archives and go nuts. I'll probably share some classic #tbt posts.

And here's what's going to happen: 

Look for daily micro-posts on the FB page.

If you haven't already liked/followed that page, please do that TODAY so you don't miss my first micro-post! 

I'll also be cross-posting on Instagram.

So like/follow me on Insta if you prefer that to FB.

And you can always reach out to me via email!

Thanks for being kickass listeners, readers, commenters, giffers, LOLers, angry-facers, and sharers! 

Much love, and I'll see you over on FB & Insta. 



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